Young man who fell in Bitcoin’s coup will be imprisoned for ten years after killing realtor

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Popular jury sentenced young man accused of the crime to ten years in closed prison.

A young man from São José dos Campos – SP was sentenced to ten years in prison after being held responsible for the death of a 62 year old realtor, according to G1.

According to the decision of the popular jury released last Thursday (10), the young man was sentenced for the crime that happened still in 2019, in downtown São José dos Campos – SP.

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In defense, the accused for the death of the realtor points out that he fell in a blow with Bitcoin. He claims that the crime was motivated by the loss of about R$ 10,000 in a fraud with cryptomoedas.
Ten years in prison

The court sentenced the accused for the death of Valter Rodrigues Moreira to ten years in prison. The trial of the young man took place this Thursday (10) in São José dos Campos – SP and lasted about ten hours.

Thus, with the conviction, the accused will continue to be detained for the murder of the real estate agent that would be connected to a coup with Bitcoin.

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Although the popular jury voted to convict the young man, the ‘qualifier of concealment’ involving the crime, classified only as simple homicide, was removed.

With the removal of this mitigating factor by the popular jury, the young man’s conviction was set at ten years of imprisonment for his involvement in the death of the realtor in São José dos Campos – SP.

According to the lawyer representing the prosecuting party in the case, Cristiano Joukhadar, the ten-year sentence should be higher. On the other hand, the accused’s defense bet on the acquittal of the young man by the popular jury.

Death and blow with Bitcoin

Valter Rodrigues Moreira was murdered on February 27, 2019 while showing a property for the young man who was sentenced to ten years in the center of São José dos Campos – SP. According to an investigation on the case, the realtor was lured to the site, with the promise of showing a house that was available for rent.

However, upon arriving at the scene, Valter was surprised by the accused, who murdered the victim with five shots to the face and soon after fled the scene. With the noise of the shots, the neighbors called in the military police, who found the realtor no longer alive.

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The identification of the accused of the murder was possible through neighbors of the property where the crime scene took place. The perpetrator of the real estate agent’s death lived on the same street, and was arrested by the authorities about three weeks after the crime.

The owner of a bar in the area, the accused of the realtor’s death claims that he fell in a coup with Bitcoin. That would have been the motive for the crime, which culminated in the murder of Valter Rodrigues.

However, for the police the crime still needs to be cleared up and the investigation into the case is not yet over. The authorities challenge the young man’s version, and believe that the crime may have other people involved and even a supposed principal.