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Naomi Chevillard

Policy Advisor, Solar Power Europe

Naomi Chevillard works for SolarPower Europe as a Policy Advisor and is responsible for topics related to grid integration of solar and is responsible for the advocacy on the market design files of the Clean Energy Package. She is also following the Transport dossier: she coordinates Energy Union related issues within the Platform for Electromobility and she leads the Solar Mobility Task Force looking at the synergies and business models in solar and transport.

Prior to joining SolarPower Europe, Naomi Chevillard has worked for in the Director for European Affairs for the French TSO RTE in Brussels on the Clean Energy Package. She worked in Paris for the Secretariat Général des Affaires européennes, the secretariat to the Prime Minister tasked with preparing the French positions on European dossiers. She also has experience in the wind sector, for Eoliennes en Mer, the consortium gathering ENGIE, EDPR and Caisse des Dépôts and developing one of the first offshore wind farm in France. Naomi has a degree in International Affairs from Sciences Po Toulouse in France. As well as her native French, she speaks English, Spanish and German.



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