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Monika Hausenblas

Executive Vice President for Safety and Environment at Shell

Monika Hausenblas is the Executive Vice President for Safety and Environment at Shell, responsible for systems, processes, the control framework and assurance of all Shell’s assets globally. She also leads the Projects & Technology’s Safety & Environment organisation which is home to Shell’s technical safety and environment function, as well as Group Carbon which developed the Net Carbon Footprint ambition and the Energy Transition report.  She is also the Secretary to Shell’s Corporate and Social Responsibility Committee (CSRC), a committee tasked with providing assurance to the RDS Board regarding Shell’s business principals and conduct in the context of safety, environment, and ethics. 

With more than 25-years experience, she has built a strong technical foundation starting her career in Shell’s research and development technology department as a petroleum engineer. She has held a variety of leadership roles including general management, commercial, as well as and health and safety, environmental and social performance. During her time with Shell, she has worked in The Netherlands, Gabon, Germany and Norway. Recently, she chaired the International Oil and Gas Producer’s Management Committee, and remains an active member of the Committee today. Monika is originally from Austria, and holds a PhD in Physics.


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