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Johann Prammer

Head of Strategic Environmental Management, Voestalpine AG

Johann Prammer, born in 1963, graduated from a polytechnic school (HTL) in Linz before joining voestalpine in 1984. He was a system analyst in the former VOEST-ALPINE Stahl Linz Gesellschaft m.b.H. in the area of technical and scientific software development for production technologies. In 1989 he was employed in Linz by SCS-Technology Verfahrenstechnik GmbH as the company's managing director of commercial trade. In 2004 Johann Prammer returned to voestalpine in Linz, now operating under the name of voestalpine Stahl GmbH. Since 2014, Mr. Prammer has been serving both as Director of Strategic Environmental Management at voestalpine AG as well as Director of Environmental Management in the Steel Division, the largest division in the voestalpine Group, with its main focus in Linz. In his professional capacity, Mr. Prammer focuses on the environmental strategies of the Group and the stakeholder dialog pertaining to energy and climate policies. He represents voestalpine in national and international bodies and associations such as EUROFER and worldsteel and concentrates on operative environmental issues such as environmental impact assessments, air and water pollution, ecological product analyses, etc. Johann Prammer lives in St. Georgen, his place of birth in Upper Austria. He is married and has a son.



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