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Gerhard Stryi-Hipp

Head of group Smart Cities at Fraunhofer ISE and President of the ETIP Renewable Heating and Cooling

Gerhard Stryi-Hipp (Germany), group leader Smart Cities at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE is a physicist and interdisciplinary expert on technologies, market development and policies in renewable energies and sustainable energy systems. From 1994 to 2008, he was managing director of the German Solar Industry Association. He worked on support programmes for solar energy in Germany and Europe, on awareness campaigns, quality assurance measures and technical innovations of the sector. In 2009, Gerhard moved to Fraunhofer ISE, the largest solar research institute in Europe and conducted projects on solar thermal energy systems. Since 2012 he is doing research on Smart Cities with the focus on sustainable energy systems. He conducts national and international projects in the energy sector in Germany, European and Asia. With his team, he developed the computer tool “KomMod” to design sustainable energy systems for Smart Cities based on a high share of renewable energy sources taking into account the interdependencies of all energy sectors and the high temporal dynamic of renewable energy sources. Since its foundation in 2008, Gerhard is president of the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Renewable Heating and Cooling RHC-ETIP.



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