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Christian Holter

CEO, S.O.L.I.D. solarinstallation + design GmbH

Dr. Christian Holter founded the company S.O.L.I.D. Society for Solar Installation and Design m.b.H. and since then has been one of the managing directors. He is co-founder of the companies solar.nahwaerme and nahwaerme.at, expert for solar cooling and solar district heating systems and is as also responsible for the development and implementation of many different solar projects. Christian Holter gives a variety of lectures in Asia, Europe and America. He has been invited to presentations on solar thermal energy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Beijing University, Nanyjang as well as the Singapore University of Technology. He also speaks about the specific aspects of solar thermal energy in developing countries in the Caribbean, Central America and Central Asia. He participates in many programs of the International Energy Agency on Projects for solar cooling and solar heating. Christian Holter also works as a consultant for UNIDO in the Sustainable Energy Development project for the Caribbean states on solar cooling.



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