BlockJoy Secures $11M to Launch Decentralized Blockchain Ops

• BlockJoy, a whitelabel blockchain nodes-as-a-service startup, secures $11M for decentralized operations.
• The company’s patented technology offers customers a straightforward point-and-click UI to run blockchains on any infrastructure.
• The funding will be used to support the launch of BlockVisor, the company’s patented node management software.

BlockJoy Secures Funding From Venture Capitals

BlockJoy, a whitelabel blockchain nodes-as-a-service startup co-founded and early founding team member, recently announced the successful close of nearly $11 million in combined Seed + Series A funding from Gradient Ventures, Draper Dragon, Dragon Roark, Active Capital, Borderless HNT and Renegade Ventures.

The Aim Of This Investment

This investment will be used to support the launch of BlockVisor, the company’s patented node management software which is now open for beta signups. It enables customers to deploy and run decentralized blockchain nodes on any infrastructure while maintaining a cloud-like experience at up to 80 percent cost reduction from traditional cloud providers.

What Is BlockJoy?

BlockJoy was created as an answer to lack of decentralized infrastructure suitable for blockchains. It provides a node management solution that simplifies running blockchain nodes with one click deployment and easy setup without needing technical knowledge or deep understanding of consensus protocols and other technicalities related to staking or APIs as a service.

Benefits Of Using BlockJoy

Using this revolutionary solution will benefit enterprises by reducing their operating costs significantly when running nodes for Staking and APIs as a service while also providing them with a cloud like experience through Web3 version of AWS on decentralized infrastructure.


BlockJoy has secured funding from venture capitals which they are using to further develop their product and launch it in beta form for customers so that they can benefit from reduced operating costs while still enjoying cloud like experience on decentralized infrastructure.